Want to experience living and working at a self-sustainable permaculture farm or an off-grid community eco-village set-up in India, and help it flourish further?

At Natutarian, we are excited to share our life with those looking for a peaceful, natural co-existence with nature. The Natutarian Community Eco-village and the Natutarian Farm are set up at two peaceful yet well-connected locations near major towns in Maharashtra in India, located close to the most pristine surroundings of the Western Ghats.

Natutarian Farm & Experience Centre, Karjat (near Mumbai & Pune)

The Natutarian Farm is a 4-acre permaculture farm and eco-stay with a well-managed and growing permaculture food forest with robust supporting infrastructure such as solar power, overhead tanks, water management systems, vegetable beds, plantations, garden, a functional outdoor café, adequate accommodation, and cute farm animals to keep you company.

We are looking for like-minded nature enthusiasts, with a variety of skill-sets, who will work with nature to help us with plantation, farming, carpentry, natural building and more, and contribute to achieve self-sustainability, while learning and enjoying in the process and building their credentials.

For volunteers, we offer free accommodation and plant-based food.

To learn more about volunteering at
Natutarian Farm, download our
Volunteering Policy.

To learn more about volunteering at Natutarian Farm, download our
Volunteering Policy.

Natutarian Eco-village Community, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra (near Goa)

(Volunteering Opportunities To Start Soon)

The 20-acre Natutarian Eco-village Community is based near the pristine and natural region near the Western Ghats, less than one hour away from the vibrant hotspot of Goa.

The off-grid, self-sustainable community is the coming together of environmentally sensitive people, who want to live their lives in the most ecological ways, with least dependence on the outside world, and least damage to the immediate ecosystem.

With the intention of regenerating the land to develop a thriving food forest, and natural supporting ecosystem, enriching the biodiversity, make sustainable accommodation and use appropriate technology, at the community, we want to exemplify the truest form of off-grid natural living with self-sufficient permaculture food growing.

If you want to experience this regeneration of man, nature, and ecology alike, from its initiation, for a variety of skills and activities, including permaculture farming, carpentry, natural building and more, get in touch!

Volunteering Activities

For 2023, we are looking for volunteer contribution with these skill sets:

Work Policy

Contribution Timings

Though we encourage free-flowing work contribution, as per the convenience and preference of the individual; however, we expect the individual to contribute about 25 hours per week to the work activities.

This typically amounts to a 5-day volunteering week with 5 hours per day work contribution.

As per the climate, the suggested timings are:

Morning - 8 to 11 AM

Evening - 4 to-6 PM

Minimum Stay

We require a minimum of 1 week and maximum of 3 months stay for volunteers coming to work with us. This is to ensure that the time invested in on-the-job training by us, and the learning time spent by the individual, are both well utilized.

For more details and to volunteer with us, contact us at:

Interested in volunteering with us? CONTACT US for more details.