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Natural Healing
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Regenerating health in Nature

Good health is natural, and diseases are unnatural. Most diseases, as we know them, are self-caused by the way of putting unnatural foodstuff in body, applying unnatural chemical-laden products on it, and living in an unnatural and toxic environment. Most of the health issues in humans are caused by physical and mental stress, due to unnatural living and eating. The immense progress made by humankind and their unending ambition to conquer the world, has helped in certain ways, but has also led to deterioration of their health, which is clearly on exhibit, in cities, where people live and eat unnaturally, and also end up with a compromised quality of life. 

Natural healing is nothing but reconnecting with nature. Rest all is taken care by the self-healing natural organism, the human body, which has unparalleled intelligence within it, when given an opportunity to eat and live in a natural environment.


Quoting detoxification expert Dr. Robert Morse, “There is no magic or mystery to health and disease. Disease is a natural process! When we understand how the body works, and what causes the tissues in the body to fail, we will then understand what causes disease symptoms and how to reverse it”.

Simply put, acidity, toxicity and harmful organisms born in an acidic environment inside the body, are the main causes of diseases.

Acidity and toxicity are caused by eating unnatural and processed foods, animals and dairy products, MSG, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and chemically grown food, inorganic minerals, chemicals in water and a diversity of toxic chemicals that we use in our daily lives. Living in constant stress in an unnatural environment, and eating unnatural foods all our lives, has caused a chronic state of toxicity, decaying of cells and excess genetic weakness in humans.

Disease symptoms, on the other hand, are the body’s attempt to eliminate acids, toxins, mucous and any unwanted foreign chemistry from the body, and safeguard it from further damage; these are acute diseases. Chronic disease, is degenerative and is the failure of your body’s trillions of cells to function in a proper manner, which lead to an ill-functioning and hampered body system. Whatever you put inside your body (food and water), breathe in (air), and put on your skin (water, chemicals, cosmetics), has a direct impact on your health.

At Natutarian, we are passionate students of nature, and continue to learn and observe how a lifestyle aligned with nature’s laws helps us advance towards wellness, once we follow the natural way our body and system was meant to function. We share these learnings/ experiences and information across channels and social media, so people can learn, follow and implement this on their own, by natural eating, living, and holistic detoxification, and effectively manage their and their families’ current health issues and long-lasting future health.

We share information and our personal experiences of natural healing, living and detox, that we have experienced in our personal lives and benefitted from and managed multiple chronic health issues. There are many Natutarians, who after learning and following natural healing and detox, have been able to manage their health ailments and lead a much healthier life. HERE is what some of them have to say. CLICK HERE.

Holistic detoxification helps the body to get rid of acids, toxins, inorganic minerals, chemicals deposits, emotional and physical stress, mucous; all of which get accumulated during years of unnatural lifestyle and food consumption. All of these lead to inflammation of body in various places, where they get accumulated, and this is one of the root causes of all diseases. This can be addressed with holistic detoxification and a natural lifestyle thereon. Once the body is cleansed of all this unwanted chemistry, health is restored.

As the body becomes oversaturated with all these accumulations, it starts showcasing symptoms of various kinds such as joint pain, high blood pressure, skin disorders, weak eyesight, higher sugar levels, aches and pains, headaches, migraines, poor digestion, acidity. These, when not addressed, take the form of major / fatal illnesses eventually like heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, leading to unnatural and untimely death.

The right way is to address and eliminate the root causes of all health issues, as mentioned above, rather than supressing the symptoms with unnatural methods, and introducing more toxicity in the process.

LEARN MORE about managing vibrant health naturally through the experiences of Natutarian and following nature’s rules over man-made ones.

Heal your chronic ailments through holistic regenerative detoxification. CONTACT US for more details.


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