Natutarian Narratives: Testimonials

Some Natutarians sharing their own journey and experiences; who healed, recovered and are thriving, with Natutarian’s holistic detoxification and lifestyle; true testimonials of nature's care and cure.

Saurabh Patil, Mumbai

Reversed Diabetes and healed UTI, weak bones, headaches and other ailments
I started my journey as an animal lover in 2014. One day, I went with a group of animal lovers and cops to shut down a place where I saw so many cruel practices being carried out with cows. Pathetic workers had forcefully tied mother cows and their new born calves separately, and deprived them of their mother’s milk, which was sold for money. From that day, I ditched dairy and animal products, and turned vegan. Before 2015, I was a heavy non-veg eater. I used to eat chicken and dairy products, thinking they are healthy for my body. But I also used to get sick and go to doctors every 2-3 months. This eating lifestyle led to me getting admitted in a hospital with multiple health issues. In the medical tests, I was detected to have weak bones, Type 2 diabetes, and Urinary Tract Infection. I also had massive bloating, and severe headaches. After this, I researched about healing through a plant-based diet. But I was still eating vegan junk food, thinking it is healthy. I was vegan for 4 years, without any change in health issues.  In December 2018, I saw a video by Natutarian on Facebook; a short Interview on how healing and diabetes reversal happened by following a natural diet and lifestyle. It inspired me and I joined the 'Natutarian group', where I started following a natural diet, which really helped me. I didn't know the importance of natural foods earlier, and surprisingly just in first month, all my health issues disappeared. I reversed all the diseases without seeing a doctor, nutritionist, dietician or without eating any medicines! Not just that – my skin started glowing, sensory perception improved, laziness, headaches and stress were all gone. I became very active. I also dropped 19 kg weight in the first 1.5 months. It has been 8 months now that I'm following this lifestyle. I currently feel so much energetic mentally and physically. Thanks to Natutarian for the constant education and enlightenment!

Anoop Matthew, Mumbai

Cured his thyroid, low BP, frequent haziness, blackouts, piles, indigestion, kidney stones, and stomach pains, and lost weight naturally
I was 94 kilos in December 2018, had thyroid, low blood pressure, frequent haziness, blackouts, piles and constant indigestion, kidney stones in both kidneys, unbearable stomach pains etc. I had stomach issues for 9 years, and started treatment 5 years back with 3 endoscopies. With the kind of weight, I was very susceptible to diabetes too. Every treatment gave me temporary relief but no cure. I got jitters, switched to Ayurveda, thinking that it was some natural cure, and would help, tried that treatment also for one year! But it never worked. Then, I switched to whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet for around 4 months (vegan), also knocked out milk, had some relief again, but was still consuming grains. Again, this helped but did not give permanent relief from my issues. And all this was when I had been vegetarian from past 10 years and non-vegetarian for the initial 30 years of my life! I would go for runs and swim daily to lose weight, but to no avail. Then, last year, my upward journey to heath began, when I joined Natutarian. After following a holistic natural diet and way of life, my weight dropped to 57 kilos, and all issues vanished naturally, without resurfacing. I currently do zero exercise from the last 6 months, only comfortable, brisk walks! Many thanks and wishes for leading the way for this life-altering experience!

Veera Raghava, Hyderabad

Reversed diabetes naturally at 70
In 2018, my mother started losing unexplained weight. Before that, she has had a history of having migraines sometimes. We went for a medical check-up, where her sugar readings were recorded as 400+. To control this, a doctor suggested her to take 6-7 pills a day, and avoid eating sweet fruits like mango, banana, grapes, custard apple, sapota etc. However, we felt that her eating habits were not right, and decided to change the way she ate, instead of going the medical route. We included millets in her diet instead of wheat and rice, reduced oils drastically, and stopped dairy products. This brought her sugar readings to about 300 in a few months, but they still did not normalize. Then, I was introduced to Natutarian through some friends, who guided us on holistic detoxification on natural foods, to reverse various chronic diseases. We started following Natutarian’s guidance in a disciplined manner, thanks to their continuous and consistent insights and support. Within a few days after following detoxification on natural food and lifestyle, her sugar readings came down to 100s and her energy levels increased. In this entire journey, we never took any medicines and avoided all chemicals. We recently celebrated her 70th disease-free birthday, and feel happy to follow a Natutarian lifestyle. We are happy and grateful to natutarian for guiding the way to everlasting health!

(As shared by her son, Rajasekhar Bathula)

Claudia Prentice, Switzerland

Cured her chronic and acute migraines and feels full of stamina and vitality
Born vegan, I grew up vegetarian after I witnessed a slaughterhouse as a child, however not realizing that dairy too was cruel. I have always been unable to digest milk so I naturally quit dairy. Since youth, I have suffered of weekly severe migraines, for which, I was treated with strong painkillers, which I decided to detox from when joining Natutarian a year ago. I truly thought I’d need an organ transplant one day, because I took pills at the slightest sign of a possible migraine. I joined Natutarian and understood how acidic cooked food actually is and the concept of acidosis vs. alkalinity. Ever since I changed my food intake with the Natutarian way of eating, I never had the faintest headache. My migraines disappeared, and this has been like getting my life back. I believe that natural food is the only food for humans, and do not wish to ever live in pain again because of animal-based and denatured food. I am alkaline so I feel safe. Haven’t been to a doctor for 4 years except for one blood test, which I will never again do. I don’t take supplements ever. I don’t worry about anything related to food because I feel I couldn’t do any better than this. I am full of stamina, vitality, resilience, and good mood. I also follow intermittent fasting daily, but I now do it all in an intuitive way, I listen to my body. No dogma needed or wanted! And, I share my lifestyle often / always.

Annapoorani Natarajan, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Healed her colon cancer without any chemotherapy/ radiation/ medication and leads an active life with the Natutarian-recommended lifestyle, post holistic detoxification
In the month of January 2019, I reached out to Natutarian to help with natural healing and detoxification for my mom (Annapoorani Natarajan), who was diagnosed with cancer and was advised by the doctor to undergo surgery in a week’s time. Since we were new to this concept and were very scared, we went ahead with the surgery, but understood that it was not required. Later, as per Natutarian’s recommendation, we did not undergo any Chemotherapy or Radiation after the surgery, and did not give her any medication. Instead, we started to get her on a natural diet/ lifestyle, with which she started recovering very fast. Now she is healthy, and is able to do all the household work and lead a normal life without any dependency. She is completely medicine-free. Noticing the positive effect of a natural diet and lifestyle, the whole family started changing their food habits. My entire family gained tremendous benefits and healed from all the issues they were suffering from, thanks to Natutarian.

(As shared by her daughter, Pavithra Natarajan)

Baljeet Kaur, Dombivali, Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Healed her facial and childhood skin disorders, and lost weight naturally, with Natutarian- recommended Holistic Detoxification and natural diet
I had been having skin disorders from the age of 10 - 11 years. I had skin issues at various places on my body, was overweight and lacked energy. I tried allopathic treatments which did not yield any positive result. Then, later, I also tried Ayurveda treatment for almost 2 years, which also did not benefit me. Then I came to know about Natutarian through a friend, and after one conversation with Natutarian, I enrolled into a 1-month guided program for Holistic Detoxification for Natural Healing. I was counselled and advised to cleanse the body through a natural diet and lifestyle. Within the first months, I started losing excess weight, and my skin started to become clearer. Now, after 3 months of cleansing, my skin is glowing and all the boils / blisters on the face are gone! I’m in love with myself, whenever I see the best ever version of myself in the mirror. I realized that becoming a Natutarian was the best decision I ever made!

Natarajan Palaniappan, Coimbatore

Healed his rectal cancer complications without any chemotherapy/ radiation / medication and feels physically and mentally healthy at 60, with Natutarian-recommended natural diet
Though my mother and I had started Natutarian-recommended natural healing to heal my mother’s colon cancer, and my skin disorders; my father was still not able to come out of his unnatural addictions and lifestyle. One day, he went to the hospital without telling us, where, he was diagnosed with rectal cancer. And, he was rushed by doctors to undergo surgery immediately. Without proper awareness, he underwent the surgery. After the surgery, he felt very stressed with the post-surgery procedures of having an external stool-collecting bag. Then, dissatisfied by this condition, and wanting to make a transition to natural healing, he started following the natural diet recommended by Natutarian. After that, he’s perfectly fine and healthy, and didn’t go for chemotherapy. He started healing himself, without any medications, and feels physically and mentally healthy with his natural diet. Many thanks to Natutarian for helping him live a healthy life! (As shared by her daughter, Pavithra Natarajan)

Deepak Ashwani, various food forests, and Kapurthala, Punjab

Cured acute skin inflammation, boils, and indigestion
I quit my IT job in 2011, and have been living mostly in forests and natural surroundings ever since. But I was having considerable skin issues, as well as indigestion, owing to my unnatural food habits. I started my natural journey in December 2018, and have been associated with Natutarian since Jan 2019. Since then, it has been a daily dose of inspiration and learning for me. The Natutarian way of delivering messages is unique, direct and with zero compromise on the quality of life. This is what helped improve my lifestyle permanently, and cure my skin issues and indigestion permanently. The best part is that Natutarian focuses on holistic improvement of your lifestyle. Changes in food habits are not enough; Natutarian helps one transition towards natural living, independent from all the systems in which you might be currently trapped. A happy Natutarian journey to all!

Gauri Patade, Mumbai

Cured her frequent stomach issues and regular fevers; experiences better menstruation and has much better skin and hair by following the Natutarian-recommended diet and lifestyle
I turned vegan around 2 years back, majorly for animals. I couldn't believe how societal conditioning had kept cruel facts about treatment of animals for their milk and meat hidden from us. Then, I joined Natutarian which helped me to take my journey several notches up. As a vegan, I was eating unhealthy vegan food initially, and suffered from frequent stomach issues, regular viral fevers etc. With Natutarian’s constant information sharing and coaxing, I transitioned to heathy natural food, and have experienced tremendous changes in my health. I haven't been sick at all for the past 1 year, my menstruation has naturally decreased and is painless, and I have more energy than ever before! My skin and hair were always dry, but not anymore. I had to visit Delhi during summer and I didn't suffer from any heat strokes or dehydration even in the scorching temperature of 45 degrees. Following the Natutarian-recommended lifestyle has translated into a lot of positive results for me, and keeps me going to learn more from nature and my body. Thank you so much for all your help. Much appreciated! 

Manish Khanna, Dubai

Cured acidosis, cholesterol issues, and thyroid
Through Natutarian, I came to know how one can successfully overcome various ailments and lifestyle disorders including diabetes, BP, thyroid and many more. When I joined Natutarian I was also suffering from bouts of acidosis, thyroid and cholesterol issues. Natutarian helped me correct my understanding of veganism and then introduced me to a natural diet and living. I am still a long way from complete transition, but I have got rid of my acidosis and thyroid issues significantly, and have also reduced my weight. I am a nature lover and feel energetic when outdoors. I am proud to be part of the Natutarian family. Natutarian’s way of natural healing, has already made a great impact in people's lives and I wish them the best on this journey.

Madhu Gupta, Animal Activist, USA

Madhu’s dog, Sativa (boxer) recovered completely from severe anaemia, tumour, and a near-death situation, and is thriving
Sativa (my eight-year-old boxer female dog on dry vegan food for last 6 years) was diagnosed with severe anaemia in April 2019. Three different veterinarians gave me various suggestions of keeping her on high dose of prednisone (steroids) for several months. Each of them came up with a different diagnosis – tumour in the liver requiring her to be on liver medication, seizure medications, bone marrow test that required to put her under anaesthesia; even euthanasia was suggested. I was so sad and nervous as she couldn't walk more than 10 steps without passing out. I started giving her the medicines due to which she couldn't even breathe right at night, and I was told that it is one of the side effects of the drugs. Luckily, I had joined Natutarian and had just started learning the benefits of natural foods. After a detailed discussion about Sativa’s case, I stopped all her medication after 5 days and started feeding her natural foods in liquid form. She started getting better day by day, which encouraged me and I started taking her out for short walks. She started walking fine and within weeks, she was running and swimming. Natural diet and lifestyle miraculously cured her completely. Joining Natutarian really saved my dear dog's life. Thanks a million to Natutarian for helping in healing my Sativa. My message to all people with companion animals is, please get you fur babies on a natural diet right away and stop feeding them denatured and animal-based food. Natural foods have the magical power to reverse diseases in companion animals which veterinarians couldn't even diagnose correctly, let alone give them proper treatment. My Sativa and my other dog (Rani) are full of life and thriving on natural foods every day.

Deepti Jethwani, Bangalore

Deepti’s autistic daughter has shown huge improvement in her issues with the Natutarian-recommended lifestyle
My journey started when my daughter was diagnosed with autism, and was recommended a diet free of gluten, casein, sugar, corn and soy, which I also started having. After that started my journey on raw food with some other mentors, and I was finally introduced to a completely natural diet and lifestyle by Natutarian. After understanding the importance of a natural diet and lifestyle in detail, we started including it more and more. Ever since, my daughter is showing huge improvement in her issues - which includes cognitive gains like asking questions, being receptive and having a less bloated tummy. I am also on the same natural diet like her and feel energetic, active to attend to her and the household. Being on a natural diet has given me mental and physical strength and made me feel more connected spiritually too.

Prabhjeet, Dharamshala

Cured his asthma, severe diabetes, obesity, spinal degeneration, joint pains, swollen/painful limbs, IBS
He runs the NGO, Mool Foundation to support farmers, and runs food communities in Delhi and Dharamsala to help connect farmers directly with consumers.
In April 2019 when we moved from polluted Delhi to the hills of Dharamsala, I had never imagined that a healthy and disease-free life would be so easily accessible. I had suffered from severe Asthma since 35+ years and a pituitary tumour since 2010 (medically diagnosed) leading to severe diabetes, obesity (87 kg), spinal degeneration, joint pains, swollen/painful limbs, IBS.....the list was endless. The super scientific, sacrosanct and supreme (pun intended) medical system gave me two surgeries, a radiation therapy and a barrage of expensive medication/injections that further robbed me of hard-earned money, physical/mental freedom and suffocated my body, annihilating the pituitary master gland requiring constant external hormone replacement. With each new symptom, I saw a new doctor, new treatment, new medication that again brought with it newer diseases. It was a never-ending vicious cycle. I had lost hope on the system and prompted by the ill health of my 3-year-old who had allergic bronchitis and was continuously on medication, began a journey of discovery. It was in December 2018 that I started transitioning to a better diet. By early Jan 2019, my diabetes had subsided to the point of zero medication from 4 pills and 3 injections every day. In Feb 2019, I joined Natutarian and have loved the journey. Natutarian is the only entity which unequivocally talks about holistic natural living with the highest conviction, clarity and determination. Each and every word resonated with my pent-up thoughts. They gave us great guidance and an entire community of likeminded people by constantly spreading knowledge. The community gave us a virtual family, energy and support to stay on the path. I adopted natural diet completely for 3 months from June to August 2019. My energy levels have improved a lot, my spine has strengthened and never felt any need to get any imaging or hormone tests again. I am now completely off any kind off medication. In September 2019, my son had 105 degrees fever with seizures. My family was panicking. But, with Natutarian’s continuous day/ night guidance we sailed through it and he came out clean. I'm now working on setting up food forest-based communities in Himachal with natural buildings. We need to stop dancing and running to the system's beat. It's unnatural and tiring. Identify with nature's beat - it's mesmerising - indescribable. You will rise in your love for nature and never tire, never age. You will be permanent Love nature, live nature, be nature 

Harleen Mann, Bangalore

Cured her hot flashes, fissures and thyroid, and is managing her post-chemo breast cancer state, with the Natutarian-recommended lifestyle
I have hypo thyroid and am a metastatic breast cancer patient. In May 2015, I was detected with breast cancer, which was operated upon, and I was on medication. No specific diet was given to me by my doctors. I was just told to stay away from sugar and packaged food. But with medication, I gained 20 kgs – and my weight increased from 55 to 75 kgs. A side effect of these medicines was terrible and constant hot flashes, which were driving me crazy. After this, I was again hit by 4th stage cancer in 2018. I went through 8 sessions of chemotherapy, and I am on medication now. After that, hot flashes increased and because of chemotherapy and excess heat in the body, I got a bad fissure issue. It uses to bleed while passing stool and I was recommended surgery for that, which I was not ready for. After seeing some videos online, I turned vegan and also got to hear about Natutarian and their natural diet plans from one of my friends. In mid-April 2019, I finally called them and started with their recommended diet and have been under their observation with the natural diet/ lifestyle plan. As a result of this, I lost 10 kg, and the hot flashes are very less now. And, most importantly, my fissure which I was told cannot be cured without surgery, completely vanished with a natural diet! I am still on my natural journey to heal completely and live medicine-free forever.

Pavithra Natarajan, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Cured severe facial acne, and hormonal issues, to be replaced with glowing skin and improved complexion
Since the last 7 months, I'm following the natural lifestyle suggested by Natutarian. With this, my hormonal imbalance issues and acute acne on the face have reduced substantially, and I really feel physically and mentally healthy. Natutarian has changed all my conventional thinking on food and diet, and I have now understood what the body really needs. Natutarian’s contribution and commitment towards helping people move towards a natural, healthy lifestyle and help with serious illnesses is great. Their knowledge and experience have changed a lot of people's lives. With Natutarian, many people like me now have confidence that any health ailment can be reversed if we give the body time to heal. I’m happy to be a Natutarian!

Riya Cyriac, 34, Abu Dhabi

Cured her varicose veins, severe body and leg pain, and lost all excess weight
I was suffering from severe leg pain (varicose veins) and body pain, which started a few months back. Due to this pain, I could not stand for a long time, though my work demands it. I tried different remedies but nothing worked for me. I could not even share this issue with anybody outside, as I was afraid that I might end up losing my job. One day, my elder brother Rejesh shared how his life changed and his running speed and endurance improved due to his new food habits. So, I shared my issue with him. He told me about the natural diet, and introduced me to Natutarian, who had helped him recover as well. With their constant support and introduction to natural foods, I started introducing some natural foods in my diet for a week. The more I read what they shared, the more I was convinced. After one week I was already feeling really good about my body. From the next week onwards, I started losing weight gradually. After a month I went to a complete natural foods diet. In 3 months, I have lost all excess weight, and body pain and leg pain has completely healed. Right now, I feel very energetic, such that my colleagues are taking tips from me. Without Natutarian’s valuable inputs and guidance, I would not have achieved this. Thank you so much.

Sneha Mathew, 23, Mumbai

Cured her 7-year-old chronic, debilitating migraines, and lost all excess weight
I have been having migraines since the past 7 years, when I was 16. Ever since, I have been going to doctors and popping painkillers. The only advice they could give me to prevent them, was making a lifestyle change and reducing stress. The migraines had become so severe and frequent that I was taking painkillers every week. Nothing compares to the wealth of health, which is what I learnt when I was introduced to Natutarian. Soon after a consultation, I started following their natural diet plan, and I could see the results in two weeks. The energy from eating natural food was very surprising for me. It's been a month and a half that I've not had any migraine attacks! My body clock works perfectly well, I sleep early and wake up early. I am able to do more work (physical and mental) than ever before. The body is going lean and all excess fat is disappearing. It's a wonder how most of my other issues like allergies and cold went away in two weeks flat. I would highly recommend a natural diet to everyone.

Rimpyy Chawla, Ludhiana

A breast cancer patient earlier, she now manages vibrant health with the Natutarian-recommended diet and lifestyle
I turned vegan in 2010, and after a good two years, I reversed my Hypothyroid. But in 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in its initial stages. I went through a surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. During and after the treatment, I was advised to eat everything, which I followed. On the last day of my chemotherapy treatment, my father accompanied me and he showed the pamphlet at the hospital which clearly stated not to eat biscuits and cakes during the treatment. So, I made sure to read more about nutrition, and followed the GAPS diet for two months which consisted of high proteins and fats. I also started detoxing my liver once in a year, and incorporated organic food in my life, and ate only what was available in season. Then, I was introduced to Natutarian by a relative. According to them, a natural food diet is the only way to enhance and rectify issues in the body. I started following their diet plan diligently. As of today, I have lost 10 kg excess weight, which was an amalgam of toxins. I used to have severe cravings, but I have overcome them by being on this diet. Natutarian offers rational, persuasive, detailed and clear inputs explaining what needs to be followed and why. I would request everyone just to try this once and experience change in body, mind and energy. Also how following a natural diet will also reform our environment, ecology and the health of the earth.

Mayura Adhikari, Hyderabad

Cured his chronic, excess dandruff problem
I have been vegan for over 5 years, which happened after learning about animal cruelty. I came to know of Natutarian from my sister, who also follows a natural diet. So, the reason for me to go on all-natural diet would sound a bit silly, but it was the irritating problem of dandruff because of which I have lost a lot of hair. Even after turning vegan, the dandruff that I had from a very young age didn't stop. It was only after getting in touch with Natutarian and after knowing the mind-opening facts, I slowly started my journey on a natural diet and lifestyle. It was hard with all the cravings, but I have made it, and as a result, my dandruff has reduced in just a month. The other perk I got is amazing energy. I feel like I can work continuously for 2 days straight. It's just unbelievable. This single reason would be enough for others to try a natural diet. Who doesn't want to feel energized all day long? Thank you so much Natutarian, for all your advice and guidance.

Ravi Ravi, Mumbai

Cured his allergic nasal polyps (constant nose blockage), lost weight and feels more agile and active
I have been a vegetarian since birth, but turned vegan 4 years ago, mainly due to animal cruelty which I learnt about from my friends. Consequently, I gave up all animal products and services. I had allergic nasal polyps, i.e. my nose would get blocked on every slight change in weather. I tried all types of treatments - allopathic, homoeopathic, ayurvedic, breathing exercises etc. However, after following these, I would only get a temporary relief from this issue. Giving up dairy naturally cured my polyps. However, I continued eating vegan junk food. About 9 months back I was introduced to Natutarian. It was from here that I learnt about the importance of eating natural food, and living a life in harmony with nature. I also learnt the importance of gradual holistic detoxification and maintaining a natural, clean lifestyle. It seems difficult before we try it, but I can say with my experience that it is easily doable. I'm on this natural journey and have many more changes to make, which I'm sure will happen steadily and surely. Even at my workplace, I am able to follow a healthy natural lifestyle, with constant inputs and inspiration from Natutarian. Though I was never overweight, I've noticed a change in my waist and weight. Mainly I could notice reduction in fat around the waist. I steadily lost 5-6 kgs in about 3 months. I feel light, more alert and active. Mentally, I feel good that I'm doing better for the animals, for my health, and for the environment. I'm thankful to Natutarian for sharing their own experiences instead of blindly believing in only bookish knowledge. My advice to others is to unlearn whatever we have been conditioned to learn over the years, and try a natural diet and lifestyle with confidence.

Sonia Arora, Chandigarh

Healed her ovarian cyst, cured chronic bloating, arm pain and lost excess weight effortlessly
Joining Natutarian has been a life changing experience for me. All my life, I had been struggling with obesity and weight loss, which I lost effortlessly and quickly, without any exercise. I also developed an ovarian cyst, which I was able to heal naturally by following Natutarian’s recommendations. In the past 3 months after joining Natutarian, I lost around 9-10 kgs, and achieved my target weight. I had pain in my arm for 3 months, which simply disappeared after 2-3 days after being on a natural diet, while my bloating problem was gone in 4-5 days. For the last 1-2 years, I was not able to wear any pants, skirts etc. as my stomach used to hurt. But I don’t have that problem anymore. My earlier version of healthy food used to make me lazy and sleepy but now my definition of healthy food has changed completely. As my body is detoxing, it feels great to be active once again. Thanks to getting connected with Natutarian, I am on my constant journey of becoming a Natutarian by getting connected to nature -- taking a sunbath, earthing, and not using any chemicals.

Rijesh Cyriac, Kerala

Improved his running performance so much that he started winning competitions, and experiences no pain after long runs
I am a passionate marathoner and have been running for the last 6 years. I was non vegan till 2014 and weighed 80 kgs. The very first half marathon (21kms) took me around 2.45 hours, after which, I could not even move. In 2015, I met a vegetarian runner and changed to a vegetarian diet. This helped me reduce my weight and I could run a full marathon (42kms) but in 4hrs 50 min. Even though I worked hard, I could not improve my performance. Then, in 2018, I heard about veganism. Subsequently, I stopped all diary and meat. My fellow runners warned me about lack of protein intake, but I continued with my practice. Then in 2019 I ran a full marathon with a timing of 3.50 hrs, almost a 1-hour improvement. However, my timing didn’t improve further till I joined Natutarian a few months back. I started reading information and insights about natural foods and lifestyle shared by Natutarian. After following what was taught, my running performance improved so much that I started winning competitions. There is absolutely no pain even after really long runs, which was a nightmare earlier. On Oct 8, 2019, I ran a 30 km marathon in 2 hours 25 mins. I want to thank Natutarian for guiding the way with a holistic natural diet and helping me lead a beautiful life.

Ruby Sahi, Mumbai

Lost all excess weight and feels lighter, and physically and mentally active
My journey to health started in November 2018 when I got a chance to be a part of Natutarian. Here, I got lots of insights into the benefits of eating natural foods and imbibing a natural lifestyle. As I introduced more nature food by following Natutarian’s inputs, I started getting showered with compliments from friends and relatives about rapidly losing excess weight. Above all, I feel so much lighter, lively, physically and mentally active all the time. Thank you Natutarian for all the inspiration!

Kumar, Kunigal, Karnataka

Reversed diabetes and other ailments
I was running a dairy and poultry farm, and was also consuming the animal products from my farm, which was the cause of my having multiple health issues. After getting in touch with Natutarian, I realised the damaging effects of animal rearing and eating for us, the animals, and the environment. I never knew this until Natutarian shared detailed information about how harmful milk and dairy products are for humans. Subsequently, I have completely shut down my poultry and dairy business and am reversing my ailments including diabetes with great progress. Ever since I joined Natutarian, I have learnt to be on natural diet and detox, which is the only alternative to avoid all types of health issues. I am really thankful to them for their valuable and continuous advice.

Kunal Ajwani, Pune

Lost all excess weight and regained health!
Since my early days, I had been a hardcore non- vegetarian, mostly eating red meat. In 2018, I turned vegan, but realised that following veganism is only a small part of the battle won. Then, in September 2019, I joined Natutarian and have continued to learn so much from the information shared by them on natural diet and lifestyle. From there, I underwent a complete transformation in a short span! In 21 days, I lost 13 kgs and regained my health!

Vrishali Kanade, Mumbai

Cured severe acne, lost weight naturally, and manages an active lifestyle
I was introduced to natural living and eating when I joined Natutarian 6 months back. I started making major changes to my diet and conventional foods, after understanding the severity of issues they cause in detail. Ever since, I and those around me have observed visible changes in my body. My skin has started glowing, the severe acne I have had since my younger years has reduced. I have lost a lot of weight naturally, which was a major concern for me for the past 5-6 years. I feel more alert, and active and hope to continue this journey to good heath with Natutarian’s continuous guidance on natural diet and lifestyle.

Shankar Biswas, 50, Kolkata, India

Recovered from chronic insomnia, headache, hypothyroidism, acute constipation, bleeding gums, hoarse throat, frozen shoulder, back pain, and severe weakness.
I was suffering from insomnia, headache, hypothyroidism, acute constipation, bleeding gums, hoarse throat with occasional swollen glands in the neck region, frozen left shoulder, back pain along with severe weakness and loss of body weight. About two years back I had Dengue and since then I have weakness particularly in the morning and my weight also started decreasing. I had insomnia and occasional headaches on the left side of the head. Doctors said that it is due to anxiety and prescribed sleeping pills which further aggravated constipation, resulting in recurrence of piles. I stopped the medication, started enema, and started searching for alternatives when I luckily came across Natutarian. Thus, started the journey with slow transition day by day from being non vegetarian to vegetarian to vegan to natural diet / lifestyle. Now I have natural foods mostly with occasional cheats during festivals, and I am improving and recovering from frozen shoulder, bleeding gums, hoarse throat slowly and steadily. Since childhood I was of the opinion that something was wrong with the entire concept of modern-day society. As the days passed, my belief strengthened to the extent that everything is wrong in this society because it is not in sync with nature. I was grossly unhappy, sad, heavy hearted and heartbroken by the norms and standards of the society. So much so that I wanted to run away to the jungles leaving my parents and family members, because nobody was willing to understand the consequences of exploitation of every fabric of mother nature. I was bullied by every friend, felt so lonely and depressed. I also ran from pillar to post, even to the so-called spiritual gurus to overcome my grief and depression, and find a way out for humanity at large, but was only consoled with befooling lip service. Its only after knowing and following Natutarian that I found my nature loving family back and celebrate this reunion by thanking every member of Natutarian from the core of my heart. I also express my gratitude to Natutarian for sharing their views/experiences sincerely and honestly and constantly motivating us with such uncompromising approach towards natural and holistic living.

Rajasekhar Bathula, 33, Hyderabad

Recovered from IBS, fatigue and severe energy dropouts
I am a long-distance cyclist and marathoner. Since childhood, I was interested in everything natural and sustainable. When all my friends used to go to the gym, I would go for yoga; when friends would go to college on a bike, I would ride a bicycle. Years 2013- 16 were bad for me from the health perspective. Due to that, I had to stop cycling and running, and I also started eating a lot. Luckily, I came to know about Natutarian and it was an eye opener for me in terms of natural and healthy living. I am still not on a 100% natural diet, but make sure to eat at least one 1-2 natural meals and do regular fasting every month. After fasting, I observed that I awakened my body alarm, started waking up early, feeling fresh and full of energy, having smooth bowel movements, and having no energy dropouts. “Food heals and food destroys” - this was my experience with a 100% natural diet. I thank Natutarian for enlightening me on most natural health-cure and happiness.

Rahul Khimesara, Rajasthan

Cured his severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I heard about Natutarian from my friend, who herself follows them. I started consulting them for guidance on severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome with holistic detoxification. Within a few weeks, all my IBS symptoms disappeared, I lost all extra weight and gained energy. I really like this natural lifestyle and after consulting with Natutarian, I have understood that all the chemical-based treatments are toxic and do not aid healing. Only when I eliminated the root causes through a natural lifestyle, I could heal from my long-term ailments.

Khushbu Jajoo, Chittorgarh, Rajsthan

Lost excess weight, and learnt a lot about natural eating and holistic detoxification from Natutarian
I have been very health conscious about what to eat and when to eat etc. In August 19, I came across Natutarian, and have learnt a lot about natural food and holistic detoxification from them ever since. In the past 6 months, I have lost 10 kg, and feel very light, energetic and active. I want to thank Natutarian for sharing such valuable knowledge and motivating everyone to follow a holistic natural way of life.

Abhinaya Iyer, Mumbai

After a holistic detoxification with Natutarian, I feel happy, energetic, alive and active, and I have a glow on my face!
I'm 23 and have always been interested in healthy living. And I always thought that cooked food and getting nutrition from different things is the right way of eating. But I never looked at the cons and never got the answer as to why everyone falls sick and gets diseases. A lot of people used to mention the weather as a reason. After getting in touch with Natutarian, I understood that what we put inside the body is the leading factor to how the body will behave or work. Through Natutarian, I learnt that nature is the answer to everything. Nature made us and hence only nature can cure us, heal us and keep us alive. I have started my natural foods and natural living journey and though I have a long progress to make, I have already started seeing amazing results. My mind feels happy and body feels energetic, senses feel more alive and active, and I also have a glow on my face. Thanks a ton to Natutarian, for helping us understand the truth, and for a life-altering experience!

Sanjay Kumar Gupta, 53, Noida

Following Natutarian’s recommendations, Sanjay’s energy levels have increased, he no longer has occasional cold and cough, has lost weight, and looks and feels 10 years younger!
I have been a vegetarian and had no health problems. I got in touch with Natutarian about 1.5 years back, after which, I started my journey to a natural lifestyle. Ever since I started following this, my experience has been great and energy levels have increased a lot. I work for 10 to 12 hours every day without exhaustion. I was without any medications but used to have occasional cough and cold, which I no longer have. People say I look 10 years younger than my age, have a glow on my face and have also lost 7 kg weight in last 9 months. If you have to live healthy and disease free, there’s no other way than to follow a natural diet and lifestyle, which Natutarian helps instil in everyone, with their constant information and guidance. I need to take out more time out of my busy schedule to promote the natural and healthy living. There is resistance from people, but with guidance from Natutarian, many are going strongly in this direction. This is the only way of healthy living without any medicines.

Asha Shivram, Holland

Learnt new things about natural lifestyle and healing from Natutarian
When I joined Natutarian, I was a student of nature cure, and had healed myself of many ailments. After joining Natutarian, I deepened my understanding about natural eating and existence. I am passionate about the environment, animals, and a healthy life and world for our next generation. Natutarian has kept me inspired to keep going on this path. The changes I made with the help of Natutarian have helped me on a physical and mental level. I feel more positive and energetic throughout the day. I and much less worried, and more calmer and grounded. I can't remain angry for long. I am more open to diverse experiences and taking risks, something which I could not do even in my 20s. I feel sudden moments of total clarity and happiness. I have also started implementing a natural diet and lifestyle for my son, to help him with his chronic problems, though his journey is still ongoing. I encourage everyone to adopt a Natutarian lifestyle and help change the world.

Pooja Ranjan, Bangalore

Naturally lost post-childbirth weight, feels energetic
I have been health conscious from the start but my definition of healthy eating was so out of the way until I joined Natutarian. I had my two beautiful kids of 5 and 2 years via a C-section. While I always tried losing weight after childbirth, I was never really successful. I had turned vegan before I joined Natutarian, that also did not help. I was doing functional training and saw some mild changes in my body. Then I came across Natutarian in February 2019, and that is when my journey with natural diet began. In three months, I could see myself fitting into my old clothes and feeling better each day. I lost 13 kgs, and my weight dropped from 73 to 60 kgs. In between, I had my share of rebounds on unnatural food, and I can say with my experience that body behaves very differently when on a natural vs unnatural diet. As I progressed on a natural diet, my eyes started watering and this went on for a month. I got a little worried, but Natutarian advised me that it was only a detox symptom and would subside. I visited an ophthalmologist who said it is a viral infection and I should stay away from my children till it gets better. But actually, my eyes stopped watering on their own without any medical treatment. After 8 months of having my second child, I would get bouts of urticaria and the itching was unbearable just before retiring to bed. The scratches would burn in the morning, and this has now also reduced significantly after starting a natural diet. I am now working towards being on 100% natural food and am so fortunate to be part of Natutarian.  Heartfelt gratitude!

Nandini, Delhi

Excited to learn about and transition to a natural diet with Natutarian, lost all toxic, excess weight and feels full of confidence
I have been on the path of nature cure for the last over 3 years and sometime last year, I got in touch with Natutarian. I have had no serious health issues, except for being 20 kgs overweight, of which 5 kgs remained last year. So, I was 63 kg 3 years back, and now am 45 kgs. Last December, Natutarian prodded me into progressing to 100% natural foods rather than gliding in my comfort zone of 80% or so. I set a date of my transition for April when the Lent period begins. I am happy to report that I successfully got through 2 months of 100% natural foods and have full confidence in myself. Now I take minimum cooked unnatural food and I have a beautiful energetic body at 45 kg. I am a dancer, I sing, I do natural perma farming, and am mostly outdoors, and I pray. I'm an aspiring minimalist. I also encourage many people to take this journey.

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