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Nature’s Truth: The organism is self-healing. The body is healed by itself when it has a conducive
environment, which is created through natural foods and lifestyle. The body has all the healing
power – which is reflective in the way it grows from a tiny embryo in the womb to become a large
human. The same power heals its issues when its obstructions/ unwanted accumulations (Root
Causes) are removed. These accumulations / obstructions are results of years of wrong and
unnatural eating and living, and some of them are acids, toxins, mucous, chemical deposits,
inorganic mineral deposits, plaques, cell debris and some more.

The detoxification process is actually the removal of these obstructions. Once these obstructions are
removed and the body is cleaned, it channelizes its energy to heal its old issues and regenerates
itself at a cellular level. That is how natural healing is achieved through regenerative detoxification.

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Nature’s Truth: If unnatural eating habits and unnatural lifestyle are lifelong, then diseases are
lifelong too. The degeneration of the body happens, with years of unnatural eating habits and lifestyle being the main root causes. If the same lifestyle and habits are continued lifelong, further degeneration takes place with continued chronic diseases and more complications.

But if those unnatural food habits and lifestyle are changed to a natural one suiting the human body’s anatomy, this eliminates the root causes. The chronic diseases heal. It has been experienced
by 1000s of people across the world, who have gone through holistic regenerative detoxification, a
proven natural healing process.

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Nature’s Truth: Whatever one human can do; others can do too. It is a choice you have to make – to
either live with diseases and suffer with ever-increasing complications without cure, or make gradual
changes to your lifestyle to reverse these diseases by eliminating the root causes through holistic
detoxification to regenerate the body at a cellular level, for vibrant health.

Nature’s Truth: What is extreme is putting unknown toxic chemicals in your natural body, getting
your body torn and removing / replacing your natural organs; suffering from unbearable pain and
much more, and that with spending lots of money on treatments without a permanent cure.
A natural diet is not an extreme one. It is the way humans are supposed to eat to live healthy and
longer, if they were not addicted to unnatural foods and developed wrong taste buds. That said, it is
a gradual transition process, on personalised basis, individual history and habits. Natutarian helps people with a 3-stage program, with personal guidance:

A. Transition Stage
B. Detox Stage
C. Sustenance Stage

The duration and the process of healing is varied/ tweaked, based on an individual’s history and habits. All stages are personalised based on individual comfort and can be gradually implemented for healing; some of your favourite foods are allowed in stage A and C in their healthier versions.
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Nature’s Truth: Healing power is within the organism. All unnatural synthetic chemicals or any other
external interventions are toxic foreign chemistry to your natural body, most of them only curb
symptoms temporarily and will eventually cause more toxicity and complications. In a true natural
healing program, the gradual weaning off of such synthetic chemicals is advisable with close
monitoring of your parameters to avoid withdrawal symptoms, if any, with the individual’s consent
and discretion. With regenerative detoxification through natural diet and lifestyle, your parameters
will gradually start to normalise as you detoxify, and your body will no longer be dependent on
external invasive substances or processes.

Nature’s Truth: You can enjoy your social life in a much better way with your healthier body and
detoxed, stress-free mind. Transitioning and leading life with others socially, is part of the Natutarian
program counselling. Many have already healed themselves and are living a great life with natural

Nature’s Truth: Exactly the opposite of the above statement is true. If you count your lifelong
expenses on eating wrong foods, lifelong synthetic chemicals, unnatural treatments, complications
and suffering followed by invasive surgeries etc, a one-time nominal expense to achieve and
maintain a natural diet and lifestyle to heal your chronic diseases is a fraction of what you will spend
on unnatural lifestyle and treatments without a permanent cure.

Nature’s Truth: A majority of people are eating and living unnaturally, besides being increasingly
conditioned by various unnatural businesses into unnatural foods and treatments to degenerate
their bodies. If you don’t trust nature which created you, then who would you trust? 
Leave aside all your conditioning, fear, concerns and embrace nature and then experience the
miracle of great vibrant health.

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Nature’s Truth: You need a comfortable environment to start your regenerative detoxification
journey. You can also do it from the comfort of your home, with regular support from Natutarian.
Natutarian will soon launch regenerative detoxification workshops, residential programs and
retreats in beautiful natural surroundings.

For now, Natutarian offers a guided and personalized regenerative detoxification program, through
audio, video and online channels, which you can comfortably follow at home, with the support of
your loved ones.

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