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The Natutarian Way
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The Natutarian Way
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The Natutarian Way
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A Natutarian is one who is closer to, and more attuned to learning directly from the true source of all existence – NATURE, in all its abundance. Taking from that vision, Natutarian is an initiative that was founded with an aim to renature the world, by creating and spreading awareness about natural ways of living, eating and healing. Our objective is to empower people to realise healthier, happier, and stress-free lives that they only envision, but are seldom able to implement themselves.

Over the past many centuries, human existence has shifted gears from living close to nature to now living in unnatural ways, far away from their roots in nature. This manifests in all walks of life – be it processed and unnatural food consumption, unnatural treatments, or excessive use of chemicals in their daily routines, while living unnaturally in modern cities, with increasing environmental pollution, which adds to a cloistered and stressful life.

Of this, the most important aspect is what we put inside the body – food. For thousands of years, humans have evolved their foods in order to survive, only to have reached a state where they don’t eat food in its natural state for their naturally designed frugivorous body. This constant move of humans away from nature is one of the main causes all chronic health issues, both mental and physical, which are increasing at an incomprehensible pace.

Natutarian aims to help people get closer to nature, and minimise the challenges they face. After experiencing the benefits of natural living, eating and self-healing, He found answers to all deep-rooted problems of health, wellness and stressful life, in nature, something that deeply affects most individuals in today’s world; especially in cities. His journey began with a self-discovery of managing his own multiple chronic health issues by progressing towards a natural lifestyle. After implementing and seeing the benefits on himself, he did extensive research on all things nature, and studied volumes of works of renowned natural healers from across the world.

This constant movement towards helping and empowering people, to make this beautiful natural transition on their own, over the past few years, has brought together many followers, and associates who continue to contribute significantly to this initiative.

CONTACT US to learn more about Natutarian and take the initial steps towards leading a natural life.

About The Founder

The First Natutarian

Fruitarian, Natural Farmer, Natural Healing and Detoxification Specialist, and Guitarist

  • Detoxification Specialist for natural healing, from International School of Regenerative Detoxification, Florida, USA
  • Certified Permaculturist from Soil Sun Soul, Spain
  •  Other Qualifications: Management from IIM (Bangalore) and Engineering from IIT (Delhi)

Like most people staying in cities, Natutarian was seemingly enjoying what he thought were the highs of life –a typical city lifestyle full of stress, unhealthy eating and living habits, settled in one of the top metros of India. Over several years, all this resulted in him suffering from acute acidosis, diabetes, chronic back pain, spondylosis, and insomnia. These issues seemed to only worsen with the continued popping of pills, leading to many sleepless nights, mood imbalances and more stress. And, eight years of chemical-based medicines for treatments did not help, but only worsened his health.

This deteriorating health situation made him take a break from his regular city life, where he set off on a few weeks’ vacation. After meeting some people from the natural healing space, exploring, reading and reasoning, he understood the root causes of the body’s dis-eases, and his idea of health, living, and existence transformed forever. His ever-inquisitive mindset, with which he always questioned so-called existing truths and norms, including the existence of the man-made God, helped him progress towards this change with extreme passion.

With a change in his food habits and lifestyle and proper detoxification, he cured his 8-year long diabetes, chronic back pain, spondylosis and acute acidosis, in a short period of time. He, then, undertook extensive research on natural living, eating, healing and being. He read volumes of works by various natural healers and travelled, met and interacted with people across countries to understand natural healing, and detox protocols for body-healing.

After his own transformation, he founded this initiative (Natutarian) to spread this message and help people come close to their true “nature”, and learn to heal, and live an optimal life thereafter, whether they are based in cities or in more natural surroundings. Ever since, he has helped many people to deal with chronic health conditions like diabetes, psoriasis, kidney issues, IBS, Thyroid, Migraines, BP and many other issues, by guiding them to adopt natural eating and a natural lifestyle. He also advises several cancer patients to eat healthy, and manage and heal their condition naturally, by eliminating root causes and avoiding unnatural treatments with huge side effects.

He is passionately working on building his natural permaculture food forest with a detox retreat in a tropical region of India, to inspire people and help them start their natural journey to heal naturally from all man-caused diseases, and pursue a healthy and happy natural lifestyle.

He is an avid fan of the works of renowned global natural healers such as Arnold Ehret, Dr Herbert Shelton, Dr Sebi, Dr Robert Morse and many others, who have helped him gain great knowledge about holistic detoxification; and permaculturists/ natural faming experts like Bill Mollison and Masanobu Fukuoka for natural farming.

He holds Engineering and Management Degrees from IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore respectively; though now he considers formal education as unnecessary, especially the ones that cause systematic damage to nature and its creation.

With this realisation, he has changed course, to move to a natural lifestyle in all ways. He is now a, certified Detoxification Specialist for natural healing, from International School of Regenerative Detoxification, Florida, USA, and also a certified Permaculturist, and continues to do extensive research on natural healing, hygiene and detoxification and building natural food forests. He is equally passionate about music, and plays the guitar, and considers music as a healing tool along with natural lifestyle.

Heal your health issues naturally, through holistic detoxification. CONTACT US for more details.