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Natural Living
For a sustainable & regenerative co-existence
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Living Amid the Lap of Nature

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When seeking nature’s abundance, we don’t stop at only eating heathy natural food. Another key dimension of a truly heathy, peaceful, natural existence is living in natural environs and shelter.

Though most modern structures in cities may look more stable or stronger, but what we don’t know is that they are made using toxic, energy-intensive materials that are harmful for the human body. Present day buildings, homes, and workplaces are made using industrial materials like iron, cement, fibre glass, plastics, chemical paint etc which require a lot of energy for manufacturing and transportation and are toxic for individuals and the environment alike.
They adversely impact everyone associated, be it workers, builders, or inhabitants. There have been incidents where problems like respiratory tract issues, chemical allergies and many other health issues in people are found to be correlated with their living in modern, unnatural structures.

However, if we observe houses in nature, there are many animals that live in naturally made, cosy but strong homes, made from locally available natural material – the likes of birds, ants, wasps, termites. There’s a lot about natural building that we can learn from them.

Natural buildings use only naturally and mostly, locally available materials, thus minimising the adverse impact on the environment, reducing expensive transportation, and unnatural manufacturing. Using locally available resources and materials and taking into consideration factors like the local weather, monsoons, slope, and neighbourhood, one can build a beautiful, personalised natural space that is resilient to weather and natural calamities, and at the same time is much longer-lasting and sustainable.

Think of a beautiful strawbale house that keeps you cosy in cold weather, a mud house that is centrally cooled and heated, and also resilient to earthquakes, or a bamboo structure made from material in your own backyard, yet strong and awe-inspiringly beautiful! With natural building, one can also incorporate alternate technology and practices of electricity production, waste water management, and self-sustainable waste treatment. And you can choose from a diversity of natural materials and methods to create your very own peaceful natural home!

At Natutarian, we help and educate people to follow the natural way of living, by turning to naturally built homes, made using sustainable building practices We have made a subtle but constant switch towards an natural lifestyle, which makes every day of our lives more meaningful, abundant and fulfilling. Our objective is to bridge this unfulfilled gap between unnaturally living people in cities and nature.

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