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While it can be said that food production has been the most important aspect that led to survival of larger population of humans, but at the same time, growing food at a large scale with the current method of monocropping to support the existing world population, has had a degenerative impact on humans, ecology and environment alike. 

Traditionally, natural forests have been cleared, to make space for ‘agricultural fields’ where single crop farming (or monoculture) is practiced, which has excessive disadvantages. These include nutrient depletion and soil erosion, use of chemicals in food production, which leads to pollution of groundwater, and excessive health issues for those eating it, pest and disease infestation, use of excess water for irrigation, destruction of the ecological habitat of plant and animal communities, and lot of hard work and toiling by farmers. 

At this time, when humans and natural resources are equally sapped of their natural vitality, it is imperative that we move to natural farming, whilst growing food in a food forest that emulates the laws of nature, and works with nature rather than against it.

Natural farming takes into consideration the unity of humans, plants, and other species as one whole that are meant to thrive together, and not work in isolation for one overpowering the others.

A food forest is a beautiful natural harmony of nature thriving with natural and local plants, natural water resources, soil enrichment, without the use of chemicals which offers an environment for the natural biodiversity to thrive. With this closed circle, you can create a beautiful seven-layered food forest, which has a diversity of trees and plants growing together, to become a self-sustainable synchronization of a carbon-negative co-existence of food growing.
This process, blended with permaculture, mimics the existing natural forests, which thrive on their own as a self-sustainable ecosystem, with complex relationships developed between different species of plants and animals, and minimal external intervention.

Of equal importance is growing and sourcing food locally, which helps to minimize nutrition loss of food during unnatural packaging and transportation; requires considerably less fossil fuel for transportation, helps support small scale and environmentally-conscious farmers and develop a flourishing local community, that can work together to support each other.

At Natutarian, we work towards helping people to explore proximity to nature, learn more about natural farming and food growing through the food forest concept, observe and get familiar with the biodiversity around, and finally, develop their own self-sustainable food forest or communities, in more natural areas, with ecological homes, natural ponds, pools and other structures. And, finally, have their own blissful, self-sufficient natural food forests and ecological homes to live and flourish in.

At Natutarian, we help and educate people to follow the natural way of living, by turning to natural built homes, made using sustainable building practices. LEARN MORE

CONTACT US to know more about growing your own food through Natural Farming using Permaculture / Food Forest principles. 


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