Regenerative Living near Western Ghat’s Biodiversity
Nurturing interconnected relationships
Creating Edible Forests using Nature’s Wisdom

About Natutarian Community

The Natutarian Eco-village Community is the coming together of environmentally sensitive, health conscious, compassionate people with the ambition, intent, and passion to preserve and regenerate a small piece of earth, and make it their self-sustainable home along with other living beings.

The community aims to achieve self-sustainability and have least dependence on the outside commercial and political world, that is increasingly unpredictable and complex. It also aims to promote and exemplify regenerative agricultural practices, soil building, integrated Permaculture Food Forests, restoring the natural biodiversity and practicing a completely natural lifestyle, in order to re-evolve the lost co-existence with nature.

As an old saying goes, Nature is both mother and earth. By working with and for nature, we aim to feel the bliss and abundance that Nature offers for all its earthly beings.

This endeavor would have co-founders and residents co-exist peacefully and guide themselves with free-will and free flowing energy, in a collaborative and harmonious way.

The Location – Sindhudurg (Goa – Maharashtra Border)

The first Natutarian Eco-village Community is based in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, situated in the naturally biodiverse Western Ghats of India, recognized internationally as the Biodiversity Hotspot of the world, for their rich flora and fauna, and still just one hour away from the vibrancy, diverse natural attractions and pristine beaches of Goa.

Based in the Southern Konkan region, Sindhudurg is known for its scenic beaches, waterfalls and mountains, and has abundant natural resources, a remarkably rich wildlife and birdlife, and a coastline dotted with palm groves, Cashew, Coconut, Mango, Jackfruit, Kokam, and Areca Palmtrees and many other native and thriving plant species.

Goa is less than 1 hour away from the region, known for its popular beaches, glistening waterfalls, a diversity of dense, lush green forests, precious rivers, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, and exotic flora and fauna. The most offbeat tourist attraction for the world, Goa attracts the creative lot – who call it home – adding more vibrancy to the alternative space and vibe that it offers!

This makes a perfect location for the natural communal living in the Natutarian Eco-village Community, and enriching, protecting and thriving with the other natural species, as nature intended all natural beings to live in.


Elements / Ideograph

The Natutarian Community will be home to a diversity of ecologically designed spaces, to fillip your connection with nature, co-habitants, and other beings!

As a community, we aim to initiate a chain reaction of nature-focused activities together, that as individuals, we may not be able to accomplish independently. Comprising many multi-functional spaces – for ecological living, food growing in natural ways, nature-driven entertainment, or nature-immersive education – this is the homeland of sustainable, fulfilling living.

An overview of vital spaces in the Natutarian Community:

Food Forest

A flourishing, biodiverse, organic, and most sustainable ecosystem of edible plants, for food abundance!

Healing Retreat

A space dedicated to healing using the natural body’s intelligence, for a highly effective disease management in natural ways.

Sustainable Residential Abodes

Aesthetic living spaces built from local, natural, ecological materialsthat exude a calm, healing ambience!

Wilderness School

An outdoor and indoor alternative school for kids and kids-at-heart, to learn life skills, and experiment with their natural inquisitiveness

Recreation Hub

Dancing, yoga, and small or big natural celebrations – this place will accommodate all of it!

Community Kitchen

An artsy, culinary space for creating nourishing, plant-based community meals together!


For outdoor concerts, movie screenings, events, book readings, star gazing and more!

Natural Swimming Pools

For leisurely, refreshing dips in natural, earth-dug pools

Plant Nursery

To nourish and raise budding native species of plants, and future towering trees too!

The journey thus far…

The Natutarian Eco-village Community is a budding, thriving, evolving place that is soon set to be home to a close-knit ecosystem of nature-driven humans, other earthlings, plants, and nature in all its untainted hues.

Since the last few years, a group of Natutarians have been collectively envisioning living a free, self-sufficient, sustainable life – of regenerative living in free, open spaces, natural free-flowing water, growing fresh, local organic food, living in ecological homes, and a lot of vibrant, fun, buzzing life, away from the cities, while sharing the space with other species. 

Thereafter, started the journey of land research, where we got into every minute detail of the land parcels in consideration. After visiting atleast 25 different sitesto scout for land in different regions in India, and examining numerous aspects of the land, a major milestone of our dream came to fruition in mid-2022, when we finally shortlisted and jointly acquired the community land, also looking for more likeminded members for the community.

Situated close to the scenic Western Ghats, in the Sindhudurg region of Maharashtra, the area is centrally situated close to Goa and Sawantwadi Town, and yet, is in the midst serene surroundings, perfect for a natural community set-up like ours. The reality hit many people hard, after witnessing the lockdowns, the scare of the pandemic, the harsh realities of food scarcity, issues with chemically laden, genetically modified (GMO) food, movement restriction, the loss of jobs and income generation through external means. It was then that many realized that truly free, blissful future can only be in a natural free space, with self-sufficiency at many levels and least dependence on the outside world, in the company of like-minded people and all other natural beings, at a place like Natutarian Community!

On the course of this gratifying natural journey, these are the next steps we will be commencing with soon:

  • Fencing across land boundaries
  • Soil enrichment with nitrogen fixing plants
  • Setting up water management systems
  • Solar power set-up
  • In-house Compost making
  • Plantation (fruit trees, other fruits, vegetables and herbs)
  • Common Community Facility Buildings

Core Community Values

Four fundamental values inherently vested in Natutarian Eco-village Community’s very foundation and formation

Regenerative Co-existence

Restorative living with nature and other earthlings, restoration and rewilding the land to revitalize the soil, watersheds and natural ecosystems.  

Food sufficiency

Creating edible forests, based on permaculture principles, to grow native, organic food for self-sufficiency, while sharing the abundance with other earthlings.

Self-sustenance & Low-waste Lifestyle

Propagate an independent ecosystem of self-sufficiency, with the cleanest, cheapest and renewable home-grown sources of energy, water, food, and other recyclable resources.

Plant powered Communal Living

Encourage co-existence in a natural habitat with like-minded individuals, who are passionate about eating natural, plant-based food, and working and enriching the nature and natural ecosystems, instead of working against them.


Want to live a rewarding live in an eco-village community near Goa?

At Natutarian Eco-village Community, we are excited to share our life with those looking for a peaceful, natural co-existence with nature. Located in the most pristine surroundings of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, the community will be set up in about a 20 acres piece of earth close to Sawantwadi Town in Maharashtra, and only 20 minutes away from border of Goa.
We are looking for like-minded nature enthusiasts, from different streams to help us with plantation, farming, carpentry, natural building and more.

Interested to be part of the Natutarian Eco-village Community?
Download the Community Guiding Principles.

Interested to be part of the
Natutarian Eco-village
Download the Community
Guiding Principles.

For more details and to volunteer with us, contact us at:

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