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A Healing Lifestyle
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‘Health is natural, disease is unnatural’

(T&Cs apply, please read the T&Cs carefully before proceeding)

Natutarian provides advice through one-on-one sessions and guided healing programs for Natural Healing and Living, based on real-life natural healing experiences, regenerative detoxification protocols of International School of Detoxification, Florida, USA, and natural hygiene science principles. The healing programs have been implemented for personal healing, as well healing experiences of having worked with many people who have implemented them with Natutarian’s guidance, and benefitted immensely.

With natural healing, you can address your chronic health issues, and attain everlasting, vibrant health. At Natutarian, we have been guiding people from around the world, to help them heal all types of diseases through holistic detoxification. These include Diabetes, BP, Thyroid, Cysts, Fibroids, Migraines, Cancer, IBS, Obesity, Skin Disorders, and many more.

READ MORE about what these people experienced in their own words.

Regenerative Detoxification Process

Regenerative detoxification involves the process of creating an environment for the body to facilitate the gradual flushing out the years of accumulated acids, toxins, mucous, and inorganic deposits in the body, which are the reason for both acute and chronic diseases in humans. Once this unwanted chemistry is eradicated, the body channelizes its energy to regenerate itself at a cellular level, and that is when self-healing starts. This is when the individual’s degenerated organs, glands and systems will regenerate at cellular level, which is the core of the healing process.

Regenerative detoxification for an individual involves gradual changes from an unnatural lifestyle to a more natural one. The changes are done for everything that goes inside the body, which is primarily food, water, and air; what touches the body like clothes; or anything that is applied externally on it.

The detoxification process completely varies for individuals from varied backgrounds, history and symptoms. It is a uniquely designed diet, split into three phases – Transition Diet, Detox Diet, and Sustenance Diet; while the natural, non-diet aspect remains the same across, as advised to the individual in phase one. 

Before developing and suggesting a customized detoxification plan, a detailed assessment of the individual is done based on her entire history, food habits, lifestyle, medical history, disease/ treatment history, and symptoms. The speed and duration of detoxification process is completely personalized and based on the person’s underlying health issues. The individual will not only be provided detailed guidance on the changes and transition process, but will also be counselled on how to implement these changes, while involving their family, as required, to make the implementation smoother.

The individual’s discipline and will power is at the centre of the success of natural healing through the complete detoxification process.

Sessions / Guided Plans

  • Holistic Detoxification for Natural Healing from multiple chronic health issues
  • Regeneration of the body to achieve vibrant health
  • Transformation to the best version of the natural you
  • Transitioning to a natural, minimalistic lifestyle

To learn more about our healing practices, or to book a personal session, Contact Us

Natural Living, Lifestyle & Food Forest Development

At Natutarian, we advise and help individuals and families to transition to a natural, self-sustainable lifestyle by taking a multi-fold route, which includes:
  • Transitioning to eat natural food to regain health naturally READ MORE
  • Learning to move to naturally built homes READ MORE
  • Changing your mental make to think, act and be in close touch with nature
  • Doing away with unnatural chemicals, devices, and more, that are an inherent part of modern life
  • Learning to grow your own fresh, organic natural food through Natural Farming READ MORE
  • Creating your own self-sustainable food forest with Permaculture principles
  • Workshops and consulting for Food Forest design, development, land selection and acquisition, food growing, farm management and maintenance
With passionate nature-loving, experienced and certified specialists – permaculturists, natural house builders, architects and designers we can help you make the transition to be natural beings we all were meant to be, with guidance in each step of the way. For more details, Contact Us

To learn more about Natural healing through Regenerative Detoxification, CONTACT US  


 Please read, understand and accept all the T&Cs carefully, before browsing the Natural Healing sections. If you use any information without understanding the disclaimers below, then the author / Natutarian will not be held responsible.

A.   Through this website (www.natutarian.com), we aim to create general awareness on natural lifestyle, foods, living and  natural healing through regenerative detoxification, based on the protocols of International Institute of Detoxification, Florida, USA, and based on personal real-life healing experiences of the author and the community of people benefited  with similar approach.

B.   The information provided in the website is only intended to provide a broad understanding and basic knowledge of  natural living, healing, regenerative detoxification and various aspects of natural lifestyle. This information should not be considered complete and should not be used in isolation, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases, without proper guidance from experienced, professional and certified specialists.

C.   Natural healing is effective, subject to the disciplined following of the prescribed protocols, the remaining vitality of the body, and various other factors. The author cannot be held responsible for any unfavorable outcomes whatsoever.

D.   Users should use their discretion in using and following the contents of this website on their own. The users will not  hold the author responsible for any information on the website, or for using the information in an inappropriate  manner/ in isolation for their specific purposes.

E.   We DO NOT prescribe any medicines, drugs or any such products that require a license, and we DO NOT offer and DO NOT claim to offer any cure for specific diseases/ viruses like COVID-19.

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